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How much does the artwork cost, specifically the CTA L Station Signs?

There are 4 types of CTA station signs and each is a different price. 8″x10″ on Stretched Canvas = $95 8″x10″ on Thin Canvas Board = $45 5″x7″ on Thin Canvas Board = $20 18″x24″ Printed on 1-1/2″ Wood Box = $350

How are the CTA L Station Signs made

Each is handmade via an image transfer process. There are several images that I create then individually layer on top of each other, which then sink into the canvas. I then use a few different items to rough up each piece to give them that distressed look. The process is messy, slightly toxic, and a pain, but I love the result.

What colors can you make the CTA L station signs?

The image transfer process I use limits the colors I can recreate. This means I can only make signs with either blue, green, or a pink-ish red hue. Most of my signs are created to mimic vintage CTA signs, most of which were blue (even though the line might be named a different color). Let me know if you have a specific color you are looking for.

Can I commission a piece?

The short answer is… it depends. I’m a self-taught artist so I might not be able to make what you want, int eh way athat you want. I’d prefer you purchase something similar to what I’ve already created but customized in some way to your liking. Email me at with any questions about a commission.

Can you ship a piece to me and what are the shipping costs?

Yes I can! The smaller CTA “L” Station sign pieces (8×10 and smaller) cost about $10 to ship within the U.S. Larger pieces vary in shipping costs so I’ll have to calculate it for you depending on the piece.

Where do you sell the artwork?

I sell my work in two Chicago stores: Sacred Art in Lincoln Square and Wolfbait & B-Girls in Logan Square. Call them if you are looking for something specific. I usually don’t have an accurate record of the pieces they have in stock.

How long will it take to make a piece?

Since this art thing is a side gig for me, I’m not the fastest in the world. Email me and I’ll give you an estimate on when a piece will be finished. The average time frame is 2-3 weeks but if you are looking for something small, it could take less time.

Do you take credit cards or Paypal for payment?

Yes! Both via Paypal. If you owe me some greenbacks, send it to using You can pay using your Paypal account. If you don’t have a Paypal account, you can still pay me with a credit/debit card via Paypal. So just go to Paypal and go from there.